Who The Fuck Is This Weirdo?

I suppose I’d better give an introduction?

I’m Michelle, a funky weirdo from the UK. Most call me Chelle or Bo!


Right so yeah that’s me….. Hello (Awkward wave) What am I doing here, well I don’t quite know actually. I’m a ranting rambler and I love writing . I’m a semi-successful garden blogger, and I love it, but I’m also a few other things too and I can’t really write on that space about my other passions and interests so I thought I’d give it a whirl over here. If any of you have followed me over at my other blog, this one is very different and won’t feature anything at all on gardening, and no I’m not giving up on my other blog or gardening, you’ll still see me there too.


So what is this blog all about? Well me, and my art of not giving a flying fuck about other peoples opinions. About aiding others to do the same. About dating and relationships and mostly about sex and how amazing it is and how that should be celebrated and enjoyed. About how I try maintain a self-love relationship and my ever fluctuating battle with mental health. About exploring sensuality.

If that sounds like something you’d like to hear more about then stick around and make sure you subscribe. Oh and if you’re offended by swearing you probably won’t like me much, cos I’m a proper potty mouth, sorry but I like it!


I’m not into editing the truth, fuck filters and expectation, literally what you see is what you get with me, perfect does not exist. I’m very straight-up and real, be warned there will be no fabrication of the truth here.

But generally I’m a pretty alright human, with a positive outlook and a massive love for eroticism and alternative living. This will be my showcase of that. I hope you enjoy!


Bo x


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